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Resolute, by David Sheldon and Kerri Sheldon, is a succinct summary of popular topics such as hearing God's voice, experiencing God, and telling your story. It looks at each in light of Scripture and shows how evangelical thought has drifted, how it has veered from the clear teachings of Scripture to other things deemed more important. Whether by taking Scripture out of context, adding to Scripture, or superimposing thoughts onto Scripture, any deviation is deadly. The material presented is geared to encourage and warn anyone who may be confused about the current visible church scene. Prayerfully, this book directs our attention to The Great Shepherd of the sheep. Get your copy on Amazon; E-books are also available on Kindle.

Featured Articles

Hearing God's Voice

Excerpt: God gets to our hearts by the Word of Truth to our minds. False teachers of this subject will usually, somewhere along the line, set up a false dichotomy between head knowledge and heart knowledge.

A Review of Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

Excerpt: The appropriate thing to do is reflect on the truth of what Jesus Christ did for us and have God impress its significance upon our hearts. Foster's spiritual technique is a catholic "passion of the Christ" theological experience, a mystical and sensual inner re-creation of events we did not experience.

Testing, Testing

Excerpt: At the same time John says we are to do something, he also says we are not to do something. We are not to automatically believe. Indeed, there are spirits which are not from God, and so we must discern which those are, and then not believe them.

A New Way to Pray?

Excerpt: Recently, a phenomenon has been sweeping the visible church called "circle-making" prayer. The idea is to draw a circle around oneself and pray to God inside that circle. The practice usually involves calling for God to do great things or send revival.

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