4 Truth's mission

We Believe...

1. The Apostles Creed, Nicene, Chalcedon, Athanasian
2. The five solas of the Reformation
3. The London Baptist Confession of Faith
4. We should do what we can to make disciples of Jesus Christ. This can only happen when one is presented with sound theological doctrine. Proverbs 119:104 says, "From Your precepts I get understanding; Therefore, I hate every false way." Believing falsehoods is denying truths. Denying truths is robbing God of glory that is due Him. Because of this dynamic, 4 truth ministry is committed to presenting scriptural truths and the contemporary false doctrines that undermine those truths.
5. The battle for truth and against error is taking place across denominational lines. Therefore, we have included links from a perspective within various Christian traditions. Each article/link should be taken at face value, on its own merit.

We Pray...

that many will find this website ministry to be a good resource for personal spiritual growth. Unfortunately, in many instances, saints are not receiving in church what they need to hear. The apostasy that Paul warned about in II Thessalonians 2 seems to be unfolding before our very eyes. And, the spiritual deception seems to be extremely powerful and pervasive. The last thing we need is for Christians to passively dismiss these deceptions for the sake of false peace.

4 Truth's authors

David Sheldon...

received his Bachelor's of Arts in Ancient History in 1973 from The Ohio State University and his Masters of Divinity 1981 from Bethel Theological Seminary. David was saved at the age of 6 and has spent over 40 years studying theology, teaching, pastoring, and discipling. Once a formal pastor, he continues to shepherd the flock informally. His "specialty" includes studies and teachings on the books of Daniel and Revelation.

Kerri Sheldon...

is David's daughter and a graduate of Cedarville University's class of 2004. She received a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and also earned a Certificate of Multimedia/Graphic Arts in order to create and maintain 4 truth's website. She was saved at the age of 5 and is committed to learning and promoting Biblical discernment.

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This website contains many copyrighted articles. They fall into three categories:
1. Articles that have been incorporated from another website which follow those copyright rules and policy rules: Any article that is copyrighted should follow the copyright rules at the end of said article. If the article is used on this website, we have followed the policy rules for use which typically includes a link to the original article and the original homepage where the article first appeared. Always follow these copyright rules & any and all usage policies!
2. Links to articles on other websites: Again, follow only those copyright rules and usage policies that occur on that particular article or website!
3. Articles that the contributors to this website have copyrighted: These will appear at the end of each article as: Copyright, David Sheldon or Kerri Sheldon, all rights reserved. We encourage the personal use of any of these articles, but only in their entirety. If you wish to copy them for yourself or for use in a small group please feel free to do so, but you must not make a profit on such use.

Sheldon Articles

4 Truth's authors have contributed roughly 20 articles to enhance the depth of this website. They are dispersed throughout the four "truth" categories, or can be found here: Sheldon Articles

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