7. Christo-Panentheism, Apostasy & You

Because of the Word of God and the illumination of the Holy Spirit – we can determine the false teaching that has been brought into the visible church through these various movements we have discussed up to this point. We have been able to put a nice little "bow" on the movements by categorizing them and defining the false doctrines they espouse.

But, the devil we see isn't as seductive as the devil we don't see. Herein is much of the problem within the "new evangelicalism" of America and beyond. That is because false teachings and false teachers continue to remain within what would seem to be otherwise sound churches – at least in their doctrinal statements on paper. The visible church is quickly being led astray by faulty theology and unbiblical practices. These teachings can be at times very subtle but none the less quite contrary to the Christian worldview of the Holy Scriptures. If it is pre-determined that we won't or are unwilling to "discern" quite deadly teachings and respond – our course has already been determined for us. "Mixture" is the name of the game for the devil. He knows God hates it – so he introduces it any chance he can get. And, as we will see in some of the instances in this section, "Christians" are willing to "fellowship" and lead others into "fellowship" with known heretics. If the devil can mix it and stir it up – he can use it for his own toxic purposes.

Sometimes the main instrument that leads us astray is fallen human emotion. The enemy of our souls is very knowledgeable about its' power upon us. He will use it against us. So, the "river of God" may move my feet and set my heart to singing, but did anybody bother to mention that no human being can take a mystical/sensual/emotional plunge into "God's kingdom" through some "experience-based" thinking or worship and instead must repent and trust Jesus Christ as He is preached in the gospel? If you do not bother to discern the difference – the lie will nail you. We warned this was happening years ago in our churches as the signs and wonders movement invaded most churches and denominations. If you didn't resist it, you did fall prey to it. Now, much "worship" in churches is nothing more than idolatrous entertainment and sensual experience.

Christo-Panentheism defined:

1. The Christ of God is found in and through His creation.
2. The transcendence and holiness of the Biblical God is muted.
3. God can be found at work within all religions unto salvation.
4. The Father of Jesus Christ loves us through the creation rather than only through His Son Jesus Christ in His blood-bought redemption at His cross.
5. Knowing this "Christ" is rooted in personal experience and a mystical/emotional/sensual entrance and journey of wonder and internal enlightenment by various means, not the least of which is ones' own imaginings.
6. "Salvation" is viewed as His story "becoming" our story versus the story of His salvation via the Biblical doctrine of regeneration.

Hearing God's Voice & the Mystical Invite/Example

Consumerism, Post-Modernism, Passion, & False Worship

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Indifference or Ignorance: The Practice of Idolatry Within the Church - By Richard Bennett and Randall Paquette
"The Passion of Christ": Mel Gibson's Vivid Deception - By Richard Bennett and J. Virgil Dunbar
A Vindication of the Doctrine that the Sacrifice of the Mass is Idolatry – 1550 - By John Knox
The Growing False Worship in the "New Evangelicalism"
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Mystery & Myth

A Wild/Hairy Deity
Braveheart vs. Mister Rogers - By Orrel Steinkamp
That Helpless Romantic God of the Bible?
Romantic Panentheism: A Review of One Thousand Gifts - By Ann Voskamp - By Bob DeWaay
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Faith as an Idol called "Mystery"
Here is an example of a God who cannot be "contained" in the Scriptures but "can be re-imagined" in a fallen human mind which is greater: Why You Really May Need to be Done with Safe: Being a Dangerous Disciple of the Unsafe God - By Ann Voskamp
Myth Mingling
A Review of The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones - By Kerri Sheldon

Ecumenical Circles of Deception: Conferencing & Networking

Apostasy, the Antichrist, & the False Prophet

Conclusions & Links
Recreating the God and Father of Jesus Christ is called idolatry. Actually doing this in Jesus name is blaspheming the God of the Bible. But that is all in a days' work for anyone who might be immersed in what might be labeled as "Christo-Panentheism." The visible church is none the wiser. She is too busy with her head in the sand. Partaking of her "best life now" is pretty demanding. Suffering for the holy name of the God of the Bible and going outside the camp to suffer with Jesus is – evidently - something in the past only. "What a distraction – suffering for the Holy Name in my culture by making His Name bold so that people can be saved by the real gospel?" Evidently that is for those "legalists" who take the Bible literally.

They might say, "Please don't distract me from my 'happy-go-round' worship experience with actual truth." The sad fact is that the visible church is now being deluged in a "baptism of spirits." You know this is true because much of the visible church is now being taken from sound doctrine to lies (most often disguised as "fake light") which are the teachings of the demons behind these lies and/or the liars themselves. It is happening now. Don't let anyone fool you. EVERYONE has doctrine – it is a matter of whether it is true or false and whether they actually take the truth seriously enough to actually believe/obey it. There is NO such animal as ignoring doctrine! We either obey true teachings or we obey false teachings. A very sad fact is that there are now "super-star" shepherds who can "mouth" truth and all the while provide for their and your disobedience of 2 John 9-11:

9 Anyone who goes too far and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God; the one who abides in the teaching, he has both the Father and the Son. 10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house, and do not give him a greeting; 11 for the one who gives him a greeting participates in his evil deeds. NASB

The current deception goes undetected because the mysticism and paganism come behind the mask of "Christo-Panentheism." It can use Biblical sounding language to get its' foothold. We live in days of incredible apostasy. Maybe "The" Apostasy if "The" Antichrist is being revealed in the midst of it. Time will tell. In the meantime…

….Come out of her, my people… (Rev. 18:4)

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