Below is a collection of reviews/critiques on popular books or teachings.

Apostles & Prophets Today? - The teaching that deviates from the sole authority of Scripture and supplants people as having more authority than the Bible

Captivating - Book by John & Stasi Eldridge

Mythical Creator - By Kerri Sheldon

Celebration of Discipline - Book by Richard J. Foster

Mysticism - By David Sheldon

Church Growth Movement - The teaching that numbers, technique and pragmatism are of ultimate importance

A Course in Miracles - Book by Helen Schucman

Crazy Love - Book by Francis Chan

The Jesus Storybook Bible - Book by Sally-Lloyd Jones

The Last Word - Book by NT Wright

That "Clear" Word By David Sheldon

One Thousand Gifts - Book by Ann Voskamp

The Purpose-DrivenŽ Life - Book by Rick Warren

Post-Modern Seduction & Captivity of Evangelicalism - The teaching that in order to win the world the Church should become and think like the World

Measuring the Mixture - By Orrel Steinkamp
Cross Over to the Otherside - By Orrel Steinkamp

Self-Esteem: The New Reformation - Book by Robert Schuller

Humanism - By David Sheldon

The Shack - Book by Paul Young

Spiritual Formations (or Contemplative) - The teaching that God can be known and worshipped through mystical techniques & humanistic pursuits. This is an undermining of Solus Christus.

Divination - By Orrel Steinkamp
Novelty - By Orrel Steinkamp
"Pragmatic Evangelicalism" Has Peaked - By Orrel Steinkamp
Scazzero Scares Me - By Orrel Steinkamp

Spiritual Warfare - A False warfare based in a dualistic misconception of God and Satan

Restoration of Davidic Warfare/Worship - By Orrel Steinkamp
Flags and Banners - By Orrel Steinkamp
Script - By Orrel Steinkamp
Tech War - By Orrel Steinkamp
Spiritual Warfare Evangelism - By Orrel Steinkamp

Surprised By The Voice of God - Book By Dr Jack Deere

Twilight Saga - Series By Stephenie Meyer

Wild At Heart - Book by John Eldridge

Braveheart vs. Mister Rogers - By Orrel Steinkamp

Velvet Elvis - Book by Rob Bell

Emergent Church (Part 1) - By David Sheldon
Emergent Church (Part 2) - By David Sheldon
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