4. New Apostolic Reformation

There is a common name in referencing the Church Growth Movement and the Signs & Wonders Movement. That name is C. Peter Wagner. It is he that gives the leadership to the New Apostolic Reformation. Much of the bad theology and extra-biblical methodology of both the CGM and S&W movements is incorporated into the NAR. And it has several elements of the Latter Rain/Word-Faith Movement as well, especially in reference to the teachings on spiritual warfare and manifest-sons theology. It especially emphasizes the authority of new apostles and prophets in establishing the "Kingdom of God" upon the earth. By that we mean the "taking over" of all areas of life in this fallen evil world through various spiritual techniques. But the Kingdom of God is not a technique. It is a person, Jesus Christ the King, who has brought salvation to His people and will bring His Kingdom when He comes on the clouds of heaven at the end of this present evil age. It is His present and personal reign and rule over His own. He is now the sovereign Lord, at the right hand of God His Father. He is never any more or less in charge! Until then, we preach the gospel, make disciples, and bear good fruit/works in accordance with the gospel. There are no apostolic commands in the Word like those addressed as truth in this kind of Dominion Theology thinking. Because this movement will impose itself upon churches and institutions, we may well experience its' influence whether we like it or not.

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