Seven Mountains Apostolic Dominion Teachers Accommodate
Glenn Beck's Politically Correct Mormonism

By Orrel Steinkamp
The Plumbline, Volume 15, No. 5, Oct/Nov 2010
Used by Permission

As I outlined in a recent Plumbline, Volume 15, No. 3, 2010, The Coalescing of the Christian Right and Apostolic Dominionism, the Apostles and Prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) have decided to mix it up politically by working closely with the Christian Right (CR) and the Tea Party (TP). The CR probably does not know the details of NAR teaching and practice. They just see the NAR in terms of political activism partnership. It's just too much political power to ignore. Surely the CR is too preoccupied with saving America to check out the actual so-called Christian credentials of the Apostles and Prophets. But both of these entities find they can unite with each other for their own purposes. The CR can only think of political victories at mid-term and in 2012. Even though the NAR Apostles and Prophets regularly claim to command angels to display false signs and wonders, nevertheless, they see the political scene as free mileage in their drive for ultimately reaching apostolic political dominance. A few years ago Peter Wagner declared that the democratic process could be utilized in the march toward theological dominion. Consequently, we will see that the NAR is immersing itself in the political scene. Some new names in the NAR have emerged as designated teaching apostles for their political aspirations. They are Lance Wallnau and Jim Garlow. With the blessing of the other apostles they are traversing the nation teaching the strategy for the Seven Mountains (7 Mts.) scheme of cultural transformation. In addition to these two apostle Lou Engle has been on apostolic political assignments such as laying hands on Newt Gingrich.

Lance Wallnau is totally engaged in teaching the 7 Mts. strategy for cultural transformation. Os Hillman (Market Place Apostles) also teams with Wallnau in this regard. Wallnau has a coast to coast and overseas ministry that is restricted to the 7 Mts. of cultural transformation. He now heads up his Seven Mountains University. Wallnau continuously refers to a special revelation supposedly given to Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham separately regarding these 7 Mts. of culture. But these 7 spheres were already common parlance among early dominionists who advocated these same 7 spheres of culture decades ago. They actually came directly from Jay Grimstead and the Coalition on Revival. The claim of a sudden revelation to these two men is simply false. Someone, I don't really know who, renamed these 7 spheres as the 7 Mts. But now with a new names and new teachers they have gained the status of special revelation. Recently at a Cindy Jacobs (NAR Apostle/Prophet) Convergence Conference, Wallnau gave his stock presentation about the 7 Mts. Let me give you a few quotes from his 7 Mts. teaching.

He states: "Let us not look for an awakening but an OCCUPYING PRESENCE." Wallnau continues: "But what happens if you sweep a nation in revival, a tsunami of passion and urgency? It seizes an entire generation and an entire nations tilts toward the kingdom. What happens if you sweep the house clean? You have a revival. What happens if you fail to fill it? You end up with a 7 times worse situation than before the revival. Let us take a look at the 7 places. This is the 7 Mts. strategy…What is God after? He is after nations. Heaven wants nations! We have to give Him what He wants. When we say He wants a nation it's a real paradigm shift for us. We think He wants souls. What happens when we are seeking souls and He wants nations? You can stop a revival with conversions. But if we take nations we will get what we want namely souls. We need a generation of young people who feel they are ready to dominate." (Lance Wallnau).

I agree that is a major paradigm shift from the bible. The Apostle Paul apparently was mired in old biblical revelation for he never tried to transform any of the cities he evangelized. But new revelation supersedes old revelation, right? Just ask the Mormons. Somehow I don't feel ready to dominate but ready to reach the lost and minister to the church.

The second 7 Mts. operative is Jim Garlow, pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego. Although he is a pastor, Garlow is much more directly involved in the political arena, although Garlow is currently bringing Wallnau into political prominence. Garlow achieved notoriety in his successful effort with Lou Engle for Prop 8 in California. Now mind you, I have no pleasure in same sex marriage. But the point is that Garlow and Engle were able to form a coalition with Mormons and especially Mormon money. But just one federal judge was able to reverse this. Garlow has been named to serve Newt Gingrich's presidential political bid by chairing Gingrich's Renewing American Leadership (REAL) political action group. Garlow also teaches the 7 Mts. cultural message. But although very similar to Wallnau and others Garlow offers a few sweetening additions that distract from some of the harsher elements of the 7 Mts. message. He appears to advocate a form of friendship evangelism (or should I say dominion evangelism). He does not confront the current individuals occupying the 7 Mts. of culture with spiritual warfare as I heard Peter Wagner suggest. Instead, he says that we humbly attempt to talk with these cultural Mountain Movers and try to convince them of their evil ways by learning their language (the language of Babylon). All the while we must train up new young people who will begin a rapid ascent to the top of these mountains of culture, displacing those who will not listen to moral reasoning. For those who refuse to cede their mountain top cultural dominance Garlow suggests fasts so that God will remove them. Jim Garlow was among many evangelicals along with Richard Land of the Southern Baptists that were ready to endorse Glen Beck's obvious Mormonism. Jim Garlow pronounced Beck a Christian brother attempting to lead a new Christian Awakening. That should not be surprising. When cultural moral transformation is the be all and end all of our Christian activity, we cannot afford to disregard any recruits and moralists pure and simple, even if they are Mormons.

From the Latter Rain to Latter Day Saints
Although the 7 Mts. strategy claims recent revelation and seems so current with its political alliances with the CR and the Tea Party, still the false theological engine that drives the NAR has a pedigree that goes back at least 50 years. A few dominionists hail from the Reconstruction Movement. Reconstructionists desire to replace democracy with Old Testament Law. And although some evangelical dominionists overlap others within this movement, most are forced to find their heritage in the New Order of the Latter-Rain (NOLA) of the early 1950's. That teaching was a complete break with current end time teaching. The Latter-Rain Revival was birthed in Canada and influenced by William Branham. The Latter-Rain eschatological motif among other things added the restoration of the offices of Apostles and Prophets and new revelations. They quickly produced a far reaching new end time message that turned biblical eschatology on its head. A few quotes of the teaching of the Latter-Rain will show that among other elements the whole NT teaching about the return of Christ was completely altered. The Latter-Rain first began at the Sharon Orphanage and School in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. But the real ignition came in the fall of 1947. Gordon Lindsay arranged for Branham to hold meetings in Vancouver, B.C. Several of the teachers from North Battleford were at these meetings. Branham was asked to lay hands on them for an impartation. They returned to North Battleford with this impartation which began the Latter-Rain Movement. From there it exploded among Pentecostals throughout North America and then around the world. The rest is history. Even though after the unexpected death of Branham in a car accident, and the Assemblies of God officially rejecting this movement, holdovers like Ern Baxter who traveled with Branham were able to reintroduce many of the teachings of the Latter-Rain among charismatics. In the halcyon days of the Charismatic Renewal the term Latter-Rain was assiduously avoided. Still in a piecemeal fashion many of the teachings of the LR were openly taught. I will now try to distill the basics of the LR. You will notice that many of the dominion ideas so current today first found expression in the LR of the late 40's and early 50's.

1. The reintroduction of the office ministry of Apostles and Prophets.
2. From out of this end time church an elite corps of super saints will emerge.
3. They will purge the earth of all wickedness.
4. They will restore all of creation and the church will inherit the earth and rule over it.

This is a very simplistic overview of the LR. But the Wallnau's and Garlow's are the descendants of this radical teaching of the 50's. Now in this time of unquenchable desire to rule and dominate, they are willing to tap into the same desire for political revolution in the wider CR and the TP. They are opportunists of the first order. They are willing to attach to these movements like parasites in order to super-size their dominionist cravings. Paul Crouch of TBN exhibits dominionism in his teaching of the parable of the Wheat and the Tares. "Read this parable and you will see that at the end of the age the 'ANGELS' are sent forth to remove evil from the earth. The 'ANGELS' also can mean messengers. So God may use some of us to finish the work of this age" (from Joel's Army review, Discernment Ministries).

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