4 truth's recommendations

We have put together this list of other websites that we highly recommend if you would like to expand your knowledge in spiritual discernment, wisdom, and current topics!

Apprising Ministries - An apologetic and discernment ministry by Ken Silva dealing with contemporary issues.
The Berean Call - An apologetic and discernment site by Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon
Bible Bulletin Board - Sermons from Great Preachers from the past
Camp On This - Steve Camp
Christian Research Network
The Christian Research Network is a hub for news and information on current issues in the church. Contributors desire to direct readers back to Jesus Christ and His life, death and resurrection for sinners, as revealed in the Scriptures.
Christian Worldview Network - Dissecting current news in the world and church in light of a Christian Worldview
Critical Issues Commentary - In conjunction with Twin Cities Fellowship, CIC has a number of scholarly articles by Bob DeWaay dealing with contemporary issues and deceptions.
Crosstalk America - Recent interviews with Christians in the know on various topics
Discernment-Ministries - Look here for discernment conferences.
Do Not Be Surprised - Erin Benziger
Grace To You - From the preaching and teaching ministry of Dr. John MacArthur & Dr. Phil Johnson
Grace To You Blog - John MacArthur Ministries
Kjos Ministries - Looking from the outside of globalism to the inside of its' impact upon the true church. Pray before you read and know God is sovereign.
Lighthouse Trails Research Project - The best out there on the growing impact of the universal spirituality that is invading the visible church.
Ligonier Blog - Ligonier Ministries - RC Sproul
A Little Leaven - Chris Roseborough
Monergism - Lists and archives of Christian Theological Subjects
No Compromise Radio - Mike Abendroth
Pirate Christian Radio - A Lutheran's (Chris Roseborough) and "on the edge of your seat" perspective on what is happening in the Universal Church.
Pyromaniacs - Team Pyro
Sola Sisters Blog - Sola Sisters
Spurgeon Gems & Spurgeon's Daily Meditations & Spurgeon's Concise Sermons - By Charles Spurgeon
Stand Up For The Truth - Hosts Mike LeMay and Amy Spreeman produce a one-hour live radio program to share the news of the day that affects our Christian faith
Wretched Radio - Todd Friel proves Christianity is not a milk-toast kind of faith!
Theological Studies
Contemporary Concerns
Deception in the Visible Church