3. The Signs & Wonders Movement

Those who did not live through the days of the Signs & Wonders Movement probably do not realize the effect that it had upon many churches and denominations. It would seem that some of the theology of the movement was addressed by many leaders within the church at the time and that theology was outwardly rejected by many. On the other hand, some methodologies and practices of the movement were implemented within the framework of many churches. The change in teachings and thought were subtle but very real. This is especially true of what it brought in relation to worship in many churches. Some believe the worship it brought was and is "spiritual" in its' scope. Others, including myself, believe that much of it was rooted, not only in the sensational, but in the mystical and sensual. The bad "theology" showed its' roots, therefore, the fruit should have been suspect. It is a bad idea to not pay attention to bad theology and especially methodologies that have as their roots bad theology.

It's Roots
Fuller Seminary, C. Peter Wagner, John Wimber & Jack Deere:

Prophetic Gifts, Cessationism & Wayne Grudem:

It's Growth
John Wimber and The Vineyard:

False Prophets, the Charismatic Movement, the Third Wave & the Men's Movement

Links for further study:

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Theological Studies
Contemporary Concerns
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