6. Spiritual Formation/Contemplative

It's Roots
Historical Roots: Ancient-Future Heresies - By T.A. McMahon
The Desert Fathers - Borrowing from the East - By Ray Yungen
Modern Roots in Catholicism:
Who is Thomas Merton? - By Ken Silva
What Did Henri Nouwen Really Believe? - By Ray Yungen

Popularized By
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The Dangers of Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Disciplines: A Critique of Dallas Willard and The Spirit of the Disciplines - By Bob DeWaay
Contemplative Spirituality of Richard Foster Rooted in the Eastern Desert and Thomas Merton - By Ken Silva
What is Contemplative Spirituality and Why is It Dangerous? A Review of Brennan Manning's The Signature of Jesus - By John Caddock

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Contemporary Christian Divination: The False Claims and Practices of Christian Mystics - By Bob DeWaay
Why Evangelicals are Returning to Rome: The Abandonment of Sola Scriptura as a Formal Principle - By Bob DeWaay
Beth Moore's Illicit Tent of Meeting (Part 1) - By Bob DeWaay
Beth Moore's Illicit Tent of Meeting (Part 2) - By Bob DeWaay
Panentheism! What is That? - By Orrel Steinkamp
The Issue of Other Religious Practices as Worship in the Church - Let Us Reason

Conclusions & Links
Understanding this deception might be easier than you think. It is rather simple at its' core. It is displacing the sole mediation of Jesus Christ and the gifts of grace that are presented to us in the Scripture because the believer has ALREADY come to know Him, who is THE WAY, in the gospel. And it is replacing that reality with TECHNIQUES that, sometimes, even sound rather Biblical – but they have taken us away from the foundation of Jesus Christ – and put us on a mystical journey. The entrance gate: a universal call to "constantly enter and embrace" the unknown/journey/way versus the call to repent and trust Jesus Christ, because the door has been opened from heaven to man in His Person and finished work at Calvary. And because the Lord Jesus Christ of the Scripture is displaced – it is deadly.

Warning: Evangelicalism is being immersed, right now, into spiritual formation and contemplative and the mysticism associated with such. It is associated within a broad spectrum of various denominations. It is often preceded by sensual/feel-good worship that has invaded many of the evangelical churches. So don't be taken aback but don't be passive. If you know or are involved with any of the below leaders, for example, within evangelicalism or you see these practices begin to occur in your church; pray, talk with the leaders, bring them good materials to make your case, request that they see the danger and repent and God will help you from there.

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